There’s a short silence. How many episodes of The Killing have you seen? Buch and his secretarial team uncover further evidence of the cover-up, but the cabinet pressures him to continue pinning the murders on Muslims in order to assure the passage of an anti-terrorism bill. Topics The Killing TV and radio blog. The Killing — 8. Estonia on ETV as Kuritegu Here, as she sat on the backseat, staring into the eyes of man who showed no remorse, happy to let a child he had known since birth die rather than admit to his crimes, her face showed every emotion and none as she worked out the consequences of Reinhardt remaining free.

Producer Piv Bernth described the broad appeal of the show as “groundbreaking”, and explained what she believed to be the root of its popularity:. Lund, the woman who has spent these three adventures failing at relationships with her son, her mother and her partner, finally had a happy family life within her grasp. The Missing TV Series Catherine Cawood is the sergeant on duty when flustered and nervous accountant Kevin Weatherill comes into her West Yorkshire station to report a crime. I’m presuming Stoffer wasn’t worrying about camomile or peppermint versions. Edit Storyline The brutal murder of a young girl launches an extended police investigation.

Upon returning to Denmark, Lund meets her mother, who has had a premonition of Lund lying dead.

The Killing III finale: episodes nine and 10

Jens Peter Raben, a sectioned war veteran, knew both victims and tells his story of the execution of an Afghan family by a special forces officer named “Perk”.

The Killing has been awarded a number seaxon awards and recognitions from various festivals and organisations from around the globe since it began in We’ve followed this emotionally hopeless, gutsy heroine for three series and watched, sometimes through our fingers, as she has clattered her way through life — alienating everyone around her forbrydelssn staring off into the middle distance with a look of furrowed despair.

Troels Hartmann 20 episodes, It felt unlikely in the extreme that the prime minister’s son would have ak snapped Reinhardt helping Louise with her bike, and that the PET would have, in attempting to retrieve those pictures in order to protect Zeeland, effectively chased his son under a train. Retrieved 27 May Edit Did You Know? Forbrydelsen II is set two years later and consists of ten episodes.


An injured Raben persists in accusing Strange of being the officer responsible for the massacre, yet it fprbrydelsen later officially confirmed that he had left Afghanistan before the killings. Archived from the original on 20 July While the Zeuthan divorce was unpicked unflinchingly for the terrible effect it had on Emilie and Carl, with Borch we had only a couple of brief scenes with Marie in which she was a bit bonkers.

Archived from the original on 19 February And while Emilie was at least found alive — we’d have all had to cancel Christmas if she hadn’t been, it would have been so very, very grim — this was still something of a gloomy ending, the implication being that Robert will fall in with his board, go back to work, retain Zeeland’s stranglehold on national politics and demand that the company is still protected by government.

Lund is uneasy about Strange’s alibis for the murders, but takes him with her to Afghanistan to investigate a new suspect. Forbrhdelsen Two in January[50] and The Killing: There was also that terrible twist of the lawyer that Robert sanctioned helping to organise a false alibi, provided by Zeeland, for the man the kidnapper wanted brought to justice — further endangering Zeuthan’s child, but preventing scandal from devastating his forgrydelsen. Diligence and orderliness are two things 33 admire a great deal.

Australia on SBS One [35] Retrieved 22 October Is this Lund as ultimate hero — or Lund as no better than the kidnapper that she spent much of the series pursuing? Raben and Jarnvig lead Lund and Strange to Bilal, who blows himself up before they are able to question him.

She’d slam her door killijg my face, of course, but therein lies the challenge. Loading comments… Trouble loading?


For Lund, death isn’t the highest price. Take away all the ransoms and demands, the wild goose chases and near-runs, and Forbrydelsen III’s greatest twist was that Lund saved Reinhardt from death, and to save herself from the knowledge that she had allowed him to live to kill again, she had to pull the trigger on him.

She had a confession, but was it for her to pass sentence? And then there was that central question: Over a time span of qka days, suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer. Novelizations of each series have been published by Macmillan.

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Kurt Sseason Colonel Torsten Jarnvig: Mark, Eva, her mother, the baby all moved into Lund’s home waiting for her return; Borch, the one that got away, determined that this time neither of them would; Lund thinking of their future home, with plans afoot for an extension. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 21 November How Much Have You Seen?

It was the result of a career’s-worth of girls abused and tortured — and a determination that Reinhardt should not be able to add to their number. Morten Suurballe Inspector Ulrik Strange: So there it is. TV shows worth watching.

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Full Cast and Crew. Archived from the original on 9 October It seemed almost inevitable that she would eventually run out of lives, seasln with her penchant for dark basements without light switches see again at Reinhardt’s art studio! The blog will too, of course.