Is the Governor going to torture Andrea or does he still just want Michonne? Everyone except Michonne and he’s prepared a special room just for her. Tyreese’s surprised reaction, when The Governor asks how he got gasoline to burn the biters, suggests his innocence. She makes it to the prison outskirts and we hear a comforting “home sweet home” kind of song start playing as she’s about to call out to Rick, but what! Daryl Dixon credit only Steven Yeun What will happen next?

We learn more about Tyreese and Sasha’s relationship with their fellow survivors Allen and his son Ben when Martinez gathers them for an errand of sorts. Fear the Walking Dead S3 E On the ride to the dam, Madison and Victor worry about their uncertain future as their one reassurance falls off the back of the tanker. Caesar Martinez Chad L. That episode excelled because of its reduced scope. Retrieved March 20,

Less Rick or just less distraction? Top 30 TV Villains. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! And was it just me, or is the Governor totally getting off on the idea right before the opening credits? Just as Milton has tried desperately to prove that the “biters,” as they call them in Woodbury, still have some spark of life in them, he still thinks that his friend “Philip” is alive somewhere in that monster known as the Governor.

Doing so with a right-handed gun is a good way to break your nose on the bolt-action. Faring weakest in “Prey” though was the opening, what an odd note to start on and had no relevance to the rest of the episode, none of the previous ‘The Walking Dead’ episodes had an opening this misplaced and barely interesting. Will Milton become a martyr?


Search for ” Prey ” on Amazon. Andrew Lincoln is excellent as ever, as are Laurie Holden and David Morrisey, at his most sinister of the season up to this point.

Andrea avoids him by opening up a stairwell full of walkers and hiding behind the door, leaving him for dead we think and continuing to make her escape to the prison. The episode cold opens with a flashback to Andrea and Michonne Danai Gurira on their own. Firstoff, where are all the Woodbury townies?

He went on to tease: It isn’t until Milton sees the Governor laying out his torture tools including a speculum:: Andrea wishes to come along, but Martinez confiscates all but her knife. Alicia hides in the ball pit so she qalking sniper the walkers shambling in through the doors, but she finds something more unseemly in this pink-eye trap.

The Walking Dead S03E14 – Review

The biters are just a scare tactic. Just like Andrea a few episodes back, he has a clear “Arrested Development” moment after Andrea leaves the room: The writing generally is intelligent and thought-provoking, with lots of tension and emotional resonance and shows signs of character complexity and multiple layer storytelling.

The Governor insists that this is to keep her safe and separate from their operation until they meet with Rick. After picking off the walker, Alicia turns back to see the mysterious woman hacking the dead with a pickaxe before walking off with her potatoes. Did one of his henchmen put that in there as a practical joke?

The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Bosses ‘desperate’ to kill this MAJOR character

Edit Storyline In Woodbury, the Governor is preparing to go to war. It took a while to get round to watching, both from being busy and also not being sure whether it would be my cup of tea.


But back to Andrea: By lpot this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is as emotional, deaad and as tense as one would expect, at the same time it has adrenaline and guts. The more action-oriented ending is creepy and exciting and the walkers are pretty terrifying.

Meanwhile, Andrea runs down the highway on her way to the prison, but has to veer into the woods when she hears the Governor’s truck coming. And that the pace is rarely dull or rushed, if not as taut or edge of your seat as most of the previous episodes.

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Best of the bad: When he meets Troy later for lunch, Nick is already half in the bag, groping the waitress, asking about where he can find uppers, and generally freaking out Troy. Zack Handlen, writing for The A.

But for the first time, we hear the questions asked outright. Edit Did You Know?

The episode ends with a song — a big theme in Season 3 it seems — and long POV shot ending with a disturbing reveal: Second Half Episode Titles Revealed”.

Visit Prime Video to explore ss03e14 titles. The episode was originally titled “Killer Within: But let’s get back to how Andrea actually escapes.