My watch came with a Nato strap but is also available with rubber and diver straps. The P in combination with the Nato strap is so light, you barely register that the watch is there! It is a completely self powered, cold light source. Share your thoughts with others. Simply print this page, and thencut-out the desired size. The stock nato is a bit flimsy but I have a zulu two ring which is much better.

Continue Shopping Add To List. December 10th, 9. Just be sure to replace that Nato strap as soon as you can. Comments, suggestions and critics welcome. December 9th, 8. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. If you are into military-style watches and need a new daily beater, this clock is a good but not perfect choice.

NO any tracking code before it arrive to Malaysia.

Interestingly enough it is quite comfortable to wear once you get over its appearances. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. As you may recall, this watch pp6500 to a military spec which requires it to be – beside other things – anti-magnetic so the plastic-only design wasn’t really a suprise.

You also have to keep in mind that if you buy watdh older NOS watch from say 10 years ago, that the trit gas will be degraded to a degree.

Traser H3 Type 6 Tritium Watch Military Spec P | eBay

Watch warranties usually cover the watch movement and battery replacement for the time period stated. Inexpensive Second timezone or a minute timer via bezel Acceptable illumination without the need to recharge in light Scratch-resistant mineral glass Very light casing you don’t feel any weight on your wrist!


December 10th, 9. December 8th, 6. So here goes my hands-on report of my shiny new Traser P Please select option below X. This is approximately how your new watch will sit on your wrist.

December 7th, 1. My impressions I thought I’d give a little bit back to the community after beeing a lurker for some time. Within Malaysia ,Ship By: I’m absolutely serious here.

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P H3 Type 6 Conditions: Originally Posted by TimeOnTarget. Not having to use any tools to replace the Nato strap is IMO a big plus over militarj rubber and diver bands, keep that in mind when ordering your watch.

December 9th, 8. The time now is The Maratac straps appear to be quite good and are cheap to replace if you ruin one.

Traser H3 Military Type 6 P Watch, matte black

The stock nato is a bit flimsy but I have a zulu two ring which is much better. Only the solid unidirectional bezel movement betrays the actual quality of the inner workings. We give an access to trzser buyer need at competitive prices. About on par I would say. By reading all the comments here about the H3 technology, I really expected it to be pretty bright.

Continue Shopping Add To List. Far from it actually.

I have to say that my Seiko Spring Drive m and Kinetic Flightmaster had the best miligary lume of any watches I have ever seen. The high-prised Tritium aka H3 illumination caught my interest, as well as the military spec to which the watch adhered. Since 22 Nov I have the sterile dial too and I think its has a more “authentic” mil style. December 7th, 3.


Traser H3 Type 6 Tritium Watch Military Spec P6500

As a cold light source, it requires no external electrical energy and is used for numerous applications such as emergency exit signs, military equipment, kit markers, compasses and wristwatches. My impressions I have a used P I agree that the stock Nato is terrible, not to mention too short, but I put it on a 2-ring Maratac Zulu and the two are a match made in heaven. December 7th, 4. I am a huge fan of the styling of the watch. Originally Posted by stockae Sizes may vary depending on screen resolution.

Well, p6050 that the watch “looks cheap” really quite doesn’t fit the bill. I’m impressed, just need to get used to the light weight. The second hand does not quite match the markers which I hear is common with these models.

It is a completely self powered, cold light source. Now here came a big disappointment.