Therefore, he just leaves the Ziyagil House without informing anyone. The viewers deserve the best and they deserve choice. So, fasten your seat belts. Hum Network has so far resisted the temptation to air Turkish soaps stating that their plays are receiving above average ratings and hence have no plans to succumb to the temptation. Slowly but surely, an efficient reporting system is taking hold in Pakistan. It was seen by more than 5 million people in Pakistan.

Also, the argument of “cultural invasion” is ridiculous and loses any semblence of logic when we see the type of “culture” and “lifestyle” that is shown on the Pakistani plays. When will Pakistan get its billion-dollar tech company? So maybe, in 50 years time, Pakistan can be as liberal as Turkey hopefully. He lost Bihter and his family at the end, and said he will live unhappy forever. She dies for forbidden love. I’ll second you here Atif, the war is on who has the best drama or which channel captures the eyeballs ratings. They don’t want that any more and hence, they enjoy the Turkish drama serials, nice faces, interesting themes, not only doom and gloom! They both do not deserve to exist.

We have so many people in our midst whose exemplary lives can be made subjects of a drama serial, please give hope to people, do not spread dismay. Behlul is shocked to hear this because he only loved her as his mamnooh.

Firdevs soon discovers everything about Bihter-Behlul affair. A series of events takes place which lead Behlul into developing feelings for Bihter. These are some of the questions everyone has in their minds. The viewers deserve the best and they deserve choice. Have faith in your talent and not try to hide behind psuedo-protection. They both do not deserve to exist.

Behlul, no doubt, has attracted half of the female viewers towards the drama. Why only target the Turkish soaps!


So plzzzz onair Turkish and Korean show in India Other mainstream entertainment channels have also offered to air dubbed Turkish soaps; Geo has decided to air dubbed Turkish soap Noor on its prime-time slot twice a week. Asking for balance is something else but a complete ban on anything, whether local or international cannot be justified in anyway. Views Read Edit View history. Nihal soon reveals that she loves Behlul.

So, that turkiwh the fan following of Behlul which has surely increased that of Fawad Khan Ashar, humsafar fame. This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nihal is not very happy with her father’s decision of marrying Bihter. S most of them are involved in tax evasions as it was reported by FBR last month.

Ishq E Mamnoon Last Episode In Urdu

Posted by Saad Khan on June 28, Its become sickening to watch the same actors repeatedly. Hilmi dislikes Firdevs because she is greedy, cunning and self-centered. She uses her maid Katya to spy on her daughter and her family. The TV channels have to return the favour to the government by not doing which it is against its policies.

“Ishq Mumnu” Ask i Memnu Turkish Drama by Urdu One |

While all the sequels and prequels were not as interesting, this one motivated me to watch a few others and then, I got glued. Stop being looser in every field. He loves Nihal just as a sister.

As in mmamnoon other industry e. Will Adnan divorce Bihter? She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Adnan worried about her daughter, asks Mademoiselle about her. He tells Bihter that their relationship is over, and that he will marry Nihal so as to rectify his mistakes.


That will be recipe for disaster. It was the first foreign drama to get so much viewership and ratings in Pakistan. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I would surely share my feedback after the last episode.

According to industry insiders, the drama fraternity is needlessly panicking and this phenomenon will last merely for six more months at the most and viewers will revert to Pakistani dramas. With the internet use rising all over Pakistan. Hilmi tells Adnan that Firdevs will take advantage of his family just like she took advantage of his family when Peyker married Nihat, but Adnan ignores him.

However, he soon realizes that he is hurting his uncle and starts avoiding Bihter.

Adnan falls in love with the much younger and beautiful Bihter. They have to have SOME substance that we lack! However, he soon realizes that he has made a great mistake and starts avoiding Bihter. No one is prepared to do something completely different. They should stop airing indian and other foreign drrama when we have good stuff here. Hats off to the person who made this text, it was really difficult to summarize the story of the complicated and most watched soap opera in Pakistan in such a small text message.

Stand up on you feet and face the world. Appreciate Turrkish TV as always, drana they stick to principles almost always; have delivered and hence are revered with a dedicated fan following and ratings.