Seeing this, Arsal confesses his love for Jiya but she rejects him and tells him that he is only jealous of the fact that Jiya wants to go abroad for higher studies. Iqra Aziz The Express Tribune”. The family celebrates eid the next day. They were invited by Jiya unknowingly to Bi Jaan against her will. In the backdrop of ceremony Sherry is teasing Kinza and she proposes to Sherry for marriage which delightfully surprises Sherry. As Jiya and Arsal get closer to each other for making schemes, Arsal while talking to Kinza and Sherry realises he loves Jiya.

Jiya and Arsal are finally happy that they are no longer getting married. But, seeing their parents at loggerheads, they bond together as crime masters. Views Read Edit View history. Sherry is close to his cousins and a co-conspirator in their plots to stop marriage. At wedding ceremony Arsal and Jiya began to fight again but on insistence of family patch up saying sorry to each other. Arsal and Jiya are meeting privately which is disliked by Bi Jaan, she asks Jiya to stay away from Arsal till the wedding day which is to be held after EID.

Plots and sub-plots are executed by Masooma and Shahana. Jiya and Arsal are constantly scheming as they plan to stop the wedding.

She accepts Sherry’s offer to help teach her everything about life. Meanwhile, Arsal receives a notice from the court which infuriates him and he tells Jiya that he would not lose hope even if she has filed a case sun court.

They try to kidnap Jiya but Arsal fights with them and protects her and as a consequence they shoot Arsal in the arm. It features ensemble castwith Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz in the leading roles.


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Sherry gets dramaa to the house and tells everyone what has happened. Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover.

At same moment Drxma makes their video and shows to Jamshed. On first night the couple fight again but later realize their folly and say sorry to each other and promise not to repeat the same mistakes. They fight with each other and are against their marriage, but the later events make them realize that they cannot live without each other.

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He starts talking about Jiya around Sherry Shehriyar and Kinza. Arsal and Jiya meets secretly and exchange Eid greetings. In the meanwhile Naeema’s friend Aaliyyh visits Jiya’s house with regard to the marriage of Jiya to her son, which Arsal stops by showing them the invitation card of their wedding. Kinza and Arsal too come to live with her.

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Meanwhile Jiya takes Arsal to the hospital and the doctor tells them everything is okay and that the bullet only brushed his arm. In the backdrop of ceremony Sherry is teasing Kinza and she proposes to Sherry for marriage which delightfully surprises Sherry. Sherry asks both Arsal and Jiya to sort out their problem amicably. Arsal and Jiya do not want to marry as they have personality clash, but are forced by their family to honour the wishes of dying grandfather.

Kinza is happy about these turn of events. Shahana gets jealous with Jamshed and Billo’s growing closeness and angrily leaves the house.


Later Jiya realizes her mistake says sorry to Arsal and he accepts it. But their parents are still against this and Nazakat asks Jiya that she has to chose between her parents and her husband Arsal. They live in Peshawar. Cousin of Jiya and Arsal; grandson of Agha Jan.

The three go to an eatery for Iftar and there Arsal asks Jiya to try and understand his feelings but she says that she is more than sure that Arsal has not fallen in love with her.

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Suno Chanda season 2. Arsal denies this and says that he will not divorce her and help her to continue her studies. Shahana says sorry to Jiya as she has scolded Jiya so much.

He keeps making plans to study abroad alongwith Jiya. The family celebrates eid the next day. Bi Jaan gets to know about this, usni hatches a plan and asks Nazakat and Jamshed if they want their home or their mother.

Arsal and Jiya being cousins are childhood companions. The shooting incident and Arsal risking his life for her develops soft corner for Arsal in Jiya’s heart. It aired everyday on Hum TV.