I love them with all my heart. Hoo kamu post linknya aja atau file subnya? Thank you in advance. Suzuken tried to catch a heart-shaped paper and Mamoru saw him doing that so they ended up laughing at the back. Thanks for your hardworking. Introduction time and Quartet Night were called back on, Yeyy Shoutan!!! Please keep being your talented and wonderfully doting husband self, SuzuKen. Iyaa aku cuma mau share link sumbernya kok, sisanya silakan download sendiri.

Tatsun performed at the end of the stage: JavaScript is required to view this site. It ended so fast! Starish are in black! I love your page, thank you so much for this!!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Min request utapri fan meeting sama qn live , utapri fan meeting bluray nya sudah rilis bulan desember kemarin min, dimohon sangat ya min, gatau lagi mau cari kemana lagi: And then Poison Kiss!!!

Iyaa aku cuma mau share link sumbernya kok, sisanya silakan download sendiri. Another fav from Quartet Night well, I like most of their songs to be honest They added an extra break between the first chorus and the second verse of the song. And 5tth Poison Kiss!!! I kept dropping utapei fan OTL so I ended up putting it away and no one else around me had them either. They never came to the middle or the end of the stage. Thanks so much for sharing these videos! It ended so fast! Let me join that fan club already, I utzpri to buy my Budokan tickets!!!


I expected black from Revolutions but they all look so amazing! Thank you very much for your links!!!

Utapri Br, utapri 5th stage [p version]

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please…I want to watch it too…. Hehe gapapa biar orang luar yg visit ke sini juga paham. I have this link for the QN live, however in some given parts the audio does not work. I properly cried from here on.

utapri 5th stage [p version] | Baka Seiyuu Fan

And i cant download it. Thank you for the 3rd Live of Utapri. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Umm, I was wondering are the Backstage videos of 5th and 6th live stage available too?

Zippyshare itu gak bisa upload bergiga The sub will be delayed 1 second and fit the video. Kebetulan nemu link torrent yang Ada 3rd live backstagenya. He encontrado dos aginas que dicen cuando saldra en japon el bluray: Tatsun, thank you so much for performing for us, please rest well and get better soon!

They actually danced so much during this performance!! Thank you so much for the links for the UtaPri Lives!

Tatsun performed at the end of the stage: He did his hair like 4th Stage again but with more green, the shade was different too. Quartet Night was all in white! Grid View List View. Starish are in black!


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Min sy download yg 5th stage kok slalu gagal uyapri mencapat 2GB ya? He looked like that at the very least. Is it possible for you to upload links for the backstages and extra content too? They opened the doors just a few minutes after 1pm and they checked the tickets and our IDs, then bags.

utapri 5th live stage

Just less than 2 hours until it starts! D you can never have too much utapri in your life: Filter by post type All posts. It was a really fast process, flyers about Utapri and the Seiyuus were handed to us. Quartet night live is out! Thank you for Maji love live 6th stage, but do you have HD version for this video concert?

Part 3 will cover Shining Theatre and part of Starish! Dreams do come true my friends.