We saw in our homes, kids watching animation films again and again. Today is Feb 26, It requires money to produce more movies. The movie is a maiden attempt to project Sikh History through a contemporary medium and aims at filling the void to bring Sikh history to the Gen-X, which due to lack of knowledge was going adrift and a compromising attitude on Sikh values and ethos was becoming prevalent all across, which has been a matter of concern for all Sikhs. The film is written and directed by Dr Karandeep Singh Ji and is set to be released worldwide in The layout artist has a lot to do with the lighting of the film, the scope, the way the camera moves through the sets.

Kanwar Grewal essays the role of a Jogi who sings emotions of the bleeding hearts of Poohla residents after Bhai Taru Singh ji is arrested and taken away to Lahore. All these individuals work as a team hence the importance of communication during the long, arduous process of producing an animated film. His village was less than 40 miles away from Lahore still Bhai Sahib was spared by even the most hardened informers of his area. Also we had invested from their personal savings and taken heavy loans to produce the current movie. We have held 60 shows in US and Canada. Talking to Kanwal Singh, Sukhwinder and Navnit, tell about the technicalities and difficulties of animation movie making.

Stories of our ancestors are epithet of courage, valor and supreme sacrifice. Updated on Feb 26, We named our company Vismaad, which is from Vidmaad ki vaar and means wonderstruck. Scales more evenly balanced.


It’s not something that many children do early on. But then ivsmaad at the anlmations and sensitivity of the things, we decided to complete it here itself and the success of this movie will definitely be an inspiration for several software houses and individuals. Bhai Sahib was martyred because being a true Khalsa Bhai Sahib protected a poor muslim girl from the clutches of the evil mughal official of his area.

Animators make up a fairly small population of the people that create an animated film.

Now that Sikhi based animations are more widely available as cinema and DVD experiences then family movie times could become a norm in every Sikh household where all generations can watch, learn and appreciate such animations and their greatness together. Animation is such a crucial tool which captures the minds, hearts and imaginations of all generations; but more so the youth. These skills, be they traditional or high-tech, can be utilized in a variety of ways.


The cost of the animation film- The movie which cost Vismaad Rs 35 lakhs took around 14 months in the making from concept to completion with 22 artists involved. Drawing people and their animals, trying to capture something that’s moving – this kind of thing comes with time. Sikh Animation project by Vismaad are not for profit and revenue earned is reinvested to create more movies and other digital resources for benefit of the community.

Thousands of hand drawn sketches and numerous background paintings 4. Also we had invested from their personal savings and taken heavy loans to produce the current movie. Select members of the team that worked on this animation was also present on this occasion.

The importance of Sikh animations – Vismaad’s Bhai Taru Singh – Motherhood

This initiative is on a not-for-profit basis. The songs have been sung by Chandigarh-based artist Brijesh Ahuja and the voiceover is by Shammi Narang. Revenues generated from marketing of this film and future such films will be reinvested in the production of similar projects and community development work.

We welcome more and more people to take a cue and animmations into making of quality animated movies on Sikh history. First time in Punjabi Cinema: Computer animation is very important to the success of almost all of the aspects involved in the production of television, movies, video games, the World Wide Web, and more.

Vismaad unveils Poster & Teaser of 3D Animation Film “Bhai Taru Singh”

One should have a basic knowledge of handling computers. A demonstrated ability to meet client needs for complex software solutions by successfully completing contracts and projects on time and budget is animationw hallmark of our consultants Vismaad and animation– Vismaad Mediatech, a component of Vismaad, was the brainchild of a few passionate information technology professionals, with a vision to be the first animation and computer graphics company in Punjab and northern India.

On working on the movie- During the Animation Film Festival in Hyderabad some time back it was announced that all those who would dabble with original content would be burning their fingers.

His village was less than 40 miles away from Lahore still Bhai Sahib animationx spared by even ffilms most hardened informers of his area.

Sahibzadey the animated movie was produced by using the traditional way of animation in conjunction with latest computer technology. So she seeks refuge in Sikhism. For many peoples and cultures and especially for the Sikhs, the challenge to retain their identity and keep their values intact becomes an even greater challenge.


Leading Sufi singer and heartthrob of millions of Punjabis Kanwar Grewal has a ivsmaad appearance in the movie.

Vismaad unveils Poster & Teaser of 3D Animation Film “Bhai Taru Singh”

We wanted to provide an alternative to the existing medium of imparting Sikh values, culture and history by employing high tech and up to date technology and innovation while striving to continuously improve upon the quality of the animations and other work it produces. We realised that this medium is a very powerful medium and if we use the medium to impart history through it, it can do wonders. He wanted to connect to his anumations moorings.

Since we were literate in computers this helped and The special effects in traditional animation is available only in Japan and Philippines but we could implement it here. The various steps included in the making of a 3D animation movie consists of: Contact info 5 Dariya News S.

Vismaad is the leading Animation Studio which is highly respected among Sikhs, both in India and Diaspora, for amazing work done for immaculate propagation of Sikh History.

These individuals interpret the storyboard into the various sets, backgrounds and foregrounds for each shot of an animated film.

The layout artist is in a very great way the cinematographer of an animated film, deciding what the camera is going to see and where the characters will be blocked in a scene. They see Mommy and they try to draw Mommy. We should wholeheartedly support this film and make a conscious effort to go to our local cinemas and watch the film with our families.

There have been times when preoccupied with other tasks I have allowed my children to watch everyday cartoons on television only then to be dismayed by the content and behaviour portrayed by some of the animated characters.