However, they were astonished by the acting of Richard Basehart and Victor Jory, noting incredulously, “they went at it as if they were bucking for an Emmy! The final two seasons continued the shift towards paranormal storylines that were popular in the late s. The scientist’s jealous assistant causes the beast to kill the scientist and the ape runs wild after being brought aboard Seaview causing destruction. He filmed the scenes in the Flying Sub for “The Monster’s Web” before hospitalization, requiring a stand in and other characters taking over his lines. James Gosa Robert Wilson The third season began with Dick Tufeld of Lost in Space playing an evil disembodied brain from outer space. There were two time travel stories featuring the enigmatic but dangerous Mister Pem. Guest Starring Lawrence Montaigne.

Guest star Kevin Hagen. Both Nelson and Crane are eventually able to overcome efforts to stop them from boarding the Seaview. This episode features particularly fine makeup effects under the direction of Ben Nye and some great shots of the full-scale Flying Sub prop stern which appeared in Voyage’s final season. In March it was announced that Voyage would not be back for a fifth season. Guest star Edward Asner , co-starring David Sheiner. The Nelson puppet is one of the greatest guest characters ever seen in a fantasy show. Gene Dynarski Centaur Two This section includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

The small mini-sub from the first season was retained and occasionally still used in the color episodes. The submarine encounters gigantic creatures during their search. Near the end of the fourth season, there were three unrelated stories of extraterrestrial invasion. The results are sensational. Felix Feist Guest Cast Dr. The Seaview’ s private observation deck from the first season was never seen again. His plan is to kill Nelson with the dagger so that he can be free and Nelson will take his place.


While trying to stop a leaking nuclear missile, Nelson undergoes a personality change which endangers not only the Seaview, but the 11th Fleet. Aliens, sea monsters and dinosaurs were featured, but the primary villains were hostile foreign governments. Guest star Mark Richman. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea — The Seaview and an intelligence expert who is more than he seems, try to find a group that is blackmailing the world’s nations for gold bullion.

Guest Starring Walter Burke. Guest Starring Woodrow Parfrey. This was one epjsode the scariest episodes for me as a kid. Cambridge 20th Century-Fox Television.

Please help improve this table by adding citations to reliable sources. This table does not cite any sources. Audible Download Audio Books. The final two seasons took place in the s. Many bulkheads go before Nelson eventually tricks the machine into entering the escape hatch from which it is ejected.

Back on Seaview, the two engage in a seesaw encounter. The eplsode and final season of Voyage began with Victor Jory playing a five-centuries old alchemist and the Seaview is threatened by the hydrodynamic effects of a major volcanic eruption.

Finally searching for the Dutchman in the Diving Bell, Nelson vanquishes Van Wyck by ordering the nearby island destroyed, and along with it, the Cave of the Dead, to which Van Wyck was supernaturally tied.

Warren Stevens turns in a typically solid performance. Brand is sure his next project vytbots be more successful. Guest Starring Don Matheson. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. There were two time travel stories featuring the enigmatic but dangerous Mister Pem. Guest star Edward Asnerco-starring David Sheiner.


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Guest Starring Charles McGraw. The show starred Richard Basehart and David Hedison. Episodw season continued with a werewolf story that is one of the few episodes to inspire a sequel.

The Nelson puppet is one of the greatest guest characters ever dpisode in a fantasy show. While investigating the destruction of the fleet by a flying saucer, Nelson and Kowalski are captured by aliens.

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Some of this section’s listed sources may not be reliable. See also TV Schedule. Not a single actress appeared in any episode during the entire fourth season, even as a voice or non-speaking role. Guest star Albert Salmi. The final two seasons continued the shift towards paranormal storylines that were popular in the late s.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Episode Guide, The Invaders.

Can anyone with good ears confirm if the space control voice is also Gene Dynarski – sure sounds like him! There were also fossil men, flame men, frost men, lobster men, and shadow gguide. A version of the Goldsmith suite re-orchestrated by Nelson Riddle was heard as incidental music in the episode “Escape From Venice”, and the original Goldsmith suite was used as incidental music throughout the rest of the series.

Chief Sharkey goes to the future to help while the Collectors wreak havoc on the Seaview. A hunted Crane tries to prevent the event from happening. Co-starring Donald HarronPaul Carr.