Plate Armor Joan of Arc tactics: The Green Beret leader puts on his night vision goggles and pulls out his Beretta pistol. Meanwhile, the last Russian soldier sets up his Bardiche as a mount for his Pischal, shooting and killing one of the Spaniards who shot the other soldier. The other Taliban member pulls a bayonet off his AK and runs after the I. The monk tries to dodge the taiaha, but eventually gets hit. He turns around and kills another Green Beret that was attempting to sneak up on him. As the two Navy SEALs make their way through the underbelly of the building, two Israeli Commandos set up an explosive trap with a glob of Semtex stuck to it and attach it to a string, which is attached to a doorknob. The Shaolin kicks him away and quickly jumps back up.

The other Nazi jumps across the river and kills an oncoming Viet Cong soldier with his MP 28 as he approaches the river. He then pulls out his Pilum Javelin and charges at the Rajput, causing him to flee. The Comanche rolls, dropping his lance as he also avoids a circular slash. Shaka manages to stab Wallace in his waist, forcing him to stumble back. He swings it around and throws it at Shaka, but he rolls right under it. They aim upwards and fire, one which comes down in Hannibal’s shield, and another which sticks in an unlucky Carthaginian. The two warriors eye each other, waiting for the other to strike.

The Gladiator pulls the arrow out and yells in anger, surprising the Apache. The Samurai gets up and grabs his naginata. Another shot from Napoleon’s cannon disables Washington’s artillery.

This time, the Spartan swings his shield and sends the Ninja flying back. He sees the Pirate in the zzande and pulls out a remote.

He hurls the grenade over the desk and quickly hides again. Attila, Scythian axe and shield in hand, bounds toward him.


The Persian fires another arrow, but misses. Eventually, he bounces his body into the air briefly and swings the chain under him.

Deadliest Warrior S02e04 – Aztec Jaguar Vs. Zande Warrior

The two get into a fight, with the Taliban boss throwing the I. The land mine goes off and kills the Musketeer. He closes in and stabs the Ming Warrior in the stomach with the dagger. He kneels down behind the turbine as the leader runs into the open area. Without a firearm, the Spetsnaz leader tries to escape into the next room. The Waffen SS leader then finds his team’s Kubelwagen and runs to it, finding a Flammenwerfer 41 flamethrower in the back.

Deadliest Warrior, Season 2

The battle begins with two of Alexander’s men with the warrior-king himself behind on horseback pushing a ballista towards a ruined city. Terrified, the IRA man tries to bring his flamethrower around to fire, but the Spetsnaz soldier fires and completely blows off the IRA man’s head.

William the Conqueror team: The Mongol counters by slashing at the Comanche’s back. The battle starts with a Rajput Warrior walking through a forest, investigating a clicking noise being made in the distance.

The Spetsnaz man tries to stab him with it, but the IRA man grabs his arm and tries to push it away. He is set on fire and desperately tries to shoot in random directions, but dies before he can make a hit. He raises his sword and prepares to finish him uaguar, but the Rajput puts on his Katar and stabs the Centurion in the stomach. The battle starts with a group of Somali Pirates approaching a warehouse near a pier via motor boat.

Attila rides in with a lasso and tries to throw it around warrlor neck of his foe, but Alexander catches it. One of the men goes to investigate while the others remain on guard. He realizes that it will not do him any good, however, and chooses to discard it in favor of his Sling. The Korean leader manages to hold down the rifle, but the Ranger leader counters with a headbutt.


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He looks up and sees the Knight with his morning star in hand. The Viking recovers his axe and begins swinging wildly at the Samurai. Crazy Horse draws a bead on Pancho but discovers he has depleted the last of his Colt ammo and readies his war club, preparing to get the drop on the Mexican general.

As the Spanish Soldiers hurry to reload their Arquebuses, Ivan gets back to his feet and runs over to one of the horses, pulling the Oprichnik down.

The real Hussein comes to his side, wearing an undershirt, raises his Browning to Pol Pot’s head, saying “This is a weapon” in Arabic, and pulls the trigger.

The Spartan blindly znade at the air as the Ninja back flips off the shield and retreats.

“Deadliest Warrior” Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior (TV Episode ) – IMDb

One of his soldiers walks with him into a room, only to be shot by a Spetsnaz and his Saiga shotgun. One Spetsnaz opens the door and is met with gunfire from two AR Armalites. He swings a third time, and slashes the chest. In this week’s Aftermath, we take a closer look at what happens when Attila the Hun, the barbarian horseman who terrorized Europe, battles Alexander the Great, history’s greatest military tactician.

Shaka then swings his iklwa and slashes across Wallace’s stomach. The Knight manages to tackle the Pirate but is encumbered by his armor.