No, I’m sending a strong message. And then to do it in an Asian style for the first time ever in this competition One more minute. Elizabeth and Courtney, you came to this competition as home cooks with a burning passion for food. This looks like crap. Both of you, please follow us into the MasterChef dining room. How does it feel to be in here now? You have to cook with composure.

This is not my forte. So key lime pie is the simplest, but also really there’s a balancing act between sweet and sour. Please, head up to the balcony. Time to step my game up. I loved the pop of the carrot puree. I’m in full control of the lamb. This is my fate. I put a little bit of salt into the black cherries just to bring out that flavor of it.

All right, let’s push it out. From Ohio, Susan Feniger.

Master Chef S05E18 Top 3 Compete – Part 01 – Dailymotion Video

Courtney’s just taken her sponge out. I was a little overexcited with the blow torch. Take your foot off. And I’m not okay with how they look.

You guys are such an inspiration for these two amazing home cooks. Yeah, masferchef she’s she’s a baker, you know? The flavors are there, the texture’s there, but it’s just, sadly, your clumsiest plate.


Master Chef S05E18 Top 3 Compete – Part 01

Please welcome your family and friends from Brooklyn: Come on, come on, come maserchef, come on. Two minutes from now the chefs are arriving. I’ve got it, Leslie.

Yeah, what’s up, yo? Next up From the great state of Florida, we have key lime pie. How much do you want to see your family? Elizabeth, describe your dish, please. I’m not just a girl wearing high heels. It’s a top-notch dish. We’re doing a ginger soy-glazed halibut with a beet dashi, golden beets.

Given the circumstances, I would say you both did a pretty good job with those cheesecakes. Yeah, and you know what? All right, do or s05e8.

That rub on the lamb is absolutely spot-on. Ladies and gents, chefs, first of all a great honor it is to have masterchrf all here. If it’s too acidic, then you add more sugar.

Well, visually the dish is so appealing. I definitely won the key lime.

But if you get that right, and you cook it beautifully, it’s gonna be the dish of the night. This is the toughest decision that we’ve made so far. Wtch a girl that can cook. Elizabeth is the terminator, and she’s gonna shut Courtney down. I apologize for that, chef.


Top 3 Compete

I’m the stay-at-home dad that came here to win, and I was doing a pretty damn good job up until the salt part. You just gotta slow down, take a breath.

I mean, the semifinal? The pressure is on.

MasterChef US S05E18 – Dailymotion Video

massterchef It will fall off. I believe that the dish is well-balanced. This is it the battle we’ve all been waiting for.

The Boston cream pie is a difficult one. My mom gets a kitchen, and I have a secure future in cooking. Representing California, Jet Tila. I work in advertising, and I enjoy my career, but I’m so ready to win MasterChef and change my life.

Tangy, smooth, bursting with fresh flavor, and it’s all about balance, Sweet versus tart.