All the programmes offered by the institute are self financing programmes. A book bank is also available for the eligible students. Yes, the college provides bridge, remedial and add-on courses to the students. Mary Jansi Rani Dr. The college ensures that all the stakeholders are aware of the evaluation processes that are operative through the following measures. The analysis of the student feedback is performed by taking the class average for a teacher.

It also provides access to resources through OPAC online public access catalogue. Observations or actions taken on any issues are also recorded. Number of students from Rural Background Based on these statistics, the Bridge Courses are conducted as below: For example, the following groups are projected. Materials Distributed The following materials are distributed to the students on the day of Orientation: A special help line was created to encourage girl students to complain to the cell.

Support mechanisms for the differently abled students include: The MBA programme offered caters to an annual intake of 60 students.

Virtual Labs will cater to students at the undergraduate level, post graduate level as well as research scholars. The principal meenakshi is also permitted to receive advance amount for preliminary works as soon as project sanction intimation letter is received. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 46 3. E Computer Science and The research committee is chaired by the Principal with members of faculty representing every department.

What are the facilities available in the College for such efforts? Industry connect for the students and faculty through industry engagement programmes.


The publicity and transparency in the process of admission are well ensured. Addition of certain new electives also makes the programme knowledge intensive. The collaboration with professional society chapters provide opportunities to conduct number of events for the benefits of the students resulting in number of awards thus providing visibility and identity and diversity of activities on the campus.


Transparency The admission procedure is transparent. Facilities of the College 5. Data Quest Survey – Top 3. Lateral and vertical mobility within and across programmes and courses The curriculum allows lateral and vertical mobility within and across departments through inters disciplinary electives and direct self-study electives.

During the last three years more than 20 programmes have been conducted covering more than 6 neighbourhood villages. A very good research culture exists in the premises with more than research publications in International and National Journals every year and an average watcu funding of Rs. The various clubs saravanab function in the college are listed below. The teacher is rated on a scale of based on 12 different parameters.

Meeting industrial expectations 2. The inputs from Alumni and employers are taken into consideration while revising the existing curriculum.

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The mentoring continues for the entire duration of the program. The outcome of the industry interaction and MoUs during meenakshl past 5 years resulted as follows: Silican India Survey – Top 25 4.

Employer Feedback The employer feedback is obtained to know about the quality of the engineers produced by the institution. Is the department opting for assessment and accreditation separately? Based on this they are expected to use their technical expertise to solve some of the societal problems thus complementing their academic learning experience. As a result of this, the students are very much interested to participate and present their findings in the international conferences organized by universities abroad.


If yes, how have these schemes helped in enriching quality of the faculty? Detail the initiatives of the College which have encouraged community participation in its activities. The First Graduate scholarship scheme introduced by the Government of Tamilnadu encourages the first graduate from a family to pursue professional education. Representatives from each club are permitted to participate in the training programmes and they monitor the activities of the respective clubs.

Mock Tests 4 Final Year 1. E – Aeronautical Engineering B. The Lesson Delivery Plan is part of the course file for every course. Since its inception before two decades, the institution has been continuously striving to make an indelible mark in the higher education scenario by creating technocrats sound in academics and value system. The following measures are taken.

The sustenance of the quality is ensured through the various audits. E — Embedded System Technologies M.

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The Computer Maintenance Cell has a periodic maintenance schedule to maintain the computers and other accessories. Outbound Training Programme 3 Third Year meenaoshi.

Assignment notebooks are distributed to the students for verification after evaluation. These collaboration help in 1. Awareness programmes were conducted regularly for the school students along with SREC NSS regarding engineering education and guided them to choose their career paths. This will enable to identify the areas where students may require extra assistance.