But he does the dressing himself, saying that he too wants to move on like her, and that this is just a minor cut. Sarita says that he still loves divya an d thats why she went away. Disha is unable to accept the reality. He asks her to leave, as he wants to be alone with his son. He asks abhi about his pencil box, and having found it, he leaves angrily, while sarita smiles. Vikrant asks Raj to leave..!

The driver too says that he and his family are ardent fans of her show. When raj says yes, he takes sarita away, while raj wonders if she cares for him so much, then why is she marrying. Punar Vivah 10th September 13 pt4. Vandana deliberately puts up a pretense of concern and hesitation and says that sarita had gone to her bedroom with raj. Vikrant too smiles and goes off to sleep. Punar Vivah 2 19th September Written Update. When sarita is doing the tulsi puja, Raj says that he lived without divya, but not without her. He asks her to state clearly where was she.

Divya tells about her allergy to mehendi, but raj asks her to put a mehendi so that the entire bhopal is baffled.

Punar Vivah 17th September Watch Online. The security begins to throng raj and throw him out, but divys stops them and asks whats this, as the shoot is going on.

She asks him not to avoid her, as people would taunt him all the more. He gets angry for sarita being so irresponsible.

Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed – Wikipedia

He is uneasy and uncomfortable. She asks who else, uumeed when she nods in disagreement, divya begins to leave, happily that he isnt married after all. He is confused as to who could this be for, as he, kajri and abhi have other plans. Abhi asks if he can take his mother home now.


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Vikrant asks him not to serve such calorific food to abhi. After she leaves, she has an evil smile. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. Both husband and wife agree, they will separate after all. Rohan says i din kill her.! Viacom18 to launch Hindi entertainment channel ‘Bandhan’. The priest says that after 15 days is a good time to get married. He asks u lied to me? Punar Vivah 2 09th September Written Update. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

She turns around to ask vandana if they were behind this. Divya says how will u prove all this in court?

Later, sarita is tensed that vikrant hasnt asked her to come yet. They all make fun of him and his spoilt painting. The story revolves around two old lovers Raj Jakhotia and Divya Malhotra, who are separated by circumstances.

He goes on to tell why abhi got into a fight. He starts explaining sarita how to play billiards, all the while getting physically close to her, as the game demands. Outsidfe, Sarita thanks vikrant for fulfilling his promise. Actress Diya Mukherjee to play the lead in an upcoming supernatural thriller.

He hayi hold of that boy and advises him that a girl running away, and a train leaving from the platform, should never be chased, as it would inflict such a dep wound, that he would never be able to recover.


Ever since they got married Sarita has remained to loyal and waiting for him to notice episoed. They are all very surprised hearing this from her. He says that he was wrong in believing in her, and tells about the open colour bottles. He sees Divya giving a romantic scene with the lead hero.

Notify me of new posts via email. Mumbai Mumbai search close. She finally says that his hair is wet and he would catch cold. Having no choice, she agrees. He asks for sometime. They get into a verbal scuffle and go opposite ways. She says that she never got the chance to. Blog Statshits. He says that she looked the happiest, as he had promised and fulfilled, unlike others who she still trusts more than him. Raj says that they have met after a long time, and they should give each other some time, befor getting married, for the sake of the family.

Vikrant goes to look for abhi. Abhi comments that when they dont fight, they look very cute together.

Raj says i know Shiela is guilty but she is my sis. With the confession of their love, instead of their lives becoming simplified, since now they can remain them selves without separating, their lives have become way more complicated than before. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil.