Ultimately somehow, this pleasing, thoughtful story fails to leave quite the profound impression that it might because of weaknesses in construction. There are all sorts of echoes of quite wonderful films that this movie carries. Shabe Yalda CD 1. That’s why he follows Chick under the bridge and comes back to help the motley crew under there. The Glass Agency What does the final shot mean?

On Disc at Amazon. Skills and business development funding. Vakoneshe Panjom CD 2. The Best Iranian Film. Read research data and market intelligence. Sayyed Hassan Hamed Rajabali Therefore he postpones his ceremony, yet for the sake of his father and to respect him he buys the dress. Future learning and skills.

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Dar emtedade shab CD 2. Art Director Reza Torabi Music: As Simple as That Education events at BFI Southbank.

Yek Tekeh Naan-Kamal Tabrizi. When his clothes are stolen by a young boy, he finds himself brought into contact with a whole side of society he never imagined, including a writer, a musician msh a prostitute. Courses, training and conferences for teachers.


Learn more More Like This. Zireh Pooste Shahr CD 1. The exploratory, meditative, rueful feeling is wonderfully sustained for much of the film. Forced to question his mh, nothing is going to be the same again for the apprentice mullah. Motevaled Maahe Mehr CD 1.

Future learning and skills. Dokhtar Irooni CD 1.

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He had participated in an international mwh competition to win the competition with foreign companies. His wife ,Tahereh Hengameh GhazianiUnder the Moonlight 7.

Once he’s robbed on the subway, Seyid maintains a semblance of continuing his Islamic studies at the seminary, but Tehran is providing a crash course in the school of life. A young man has a series of encounters with evil and suffering in the world and is transformed. Chatri baraye 2 nafar CD 1.

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Read industry research and statistics. Iranian films tend to the fatalistic. But the beauty of Seyid’s character is that he’s still tough despite not being streetwise, and his status as a seminarian pretects him from the downward path.


Ghodrat is a disabled simple young boy who lives with a watchman of a shrine in a village. Add the first question. Use the HTML below.

Archive content sales and licensing. Trivia Reza Mirkarimi’s second film as a director. On Disc at Amazon.

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Editor Nazami Mofkham Design: Gole Yakh CD 1. There are all sorts of echoes of quite wonderful films that this movie carries. In such a time when his other mates are excited and are getting ready to be formally dressed and to become a spiritual missioner Mmovie doubts and incoherences starts and he begins to have a struggle with himself.

Saeed who is suffering from injuries that he received in the Iran-Iraq War, is sent to Germany for treatments. Dokhtar Irooni CD 2. Screenplay Reza Mir-Karimi Photography: